The Return by Alistair Macleod



This Story is about a family composed of Angus and Mary, the parents and the main character Alex , their eleven year old son who is the narrator of the story.              Together they live in Montreal.

The whole family is having a trip to a city called Cape Breton, where Angus grew up, where they plan to introduce Alex to his grandparents, whom he does not know jet.

Mary is a bit in worries that Angus family may have a bad influence on Alex, but she is willing to give it a try.

After arriving in Cape Breton they are picked up by two of Angus brothers who drive them to Angus parents house.

Even if they are treated friendly it seems like, that Alex and his family do not get along with Angus family here in Cape Breton.

After a view days in the city Alex is picked up two of his cousins, whom he doenst know also of course, who ask him out to go to the town in the afternoon to show him around..

The boys are having a walk around and while having a good talk Alex gets attacked by two other youngsters because of his neat clothes.

His cousins are defending him, as he is now part of their family and thereby a part of the clan.

The day after Angus and Alex are visiting his grandfather who works in a coal mine like everybody did in the Family accept from Angus.

After one week Angus, Mary and Alex are about to leave Cape Breton to go back home to Montreal.

By leaving Alex grandparents put him on the side and tell him, that he will be the only grandchild whom they will never know.



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